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Internet Tutorial

Here begins a self-paced learning tutorial which was designed initially for the benefit of MSc (Master of Science) students in Computer Modelling of Molecular and Biological Processes, which is a course offered by the Department of Crystallography, Birkbeck College, London.

Students join the course from varied scientific backgrounds with a broad range of computing skills in order to pursue their interest in the multi-disciplinary field that integrates molecular science, computing and information. It is foreseen that new MSc students arriving in Autumn may produce Molecular Biology HTML documents as a part of their coursework.

I shall refer to users from the Birkbeck Crystallography Department as 'Dept Users'. The tutorial may be accessed by anyone, but note that there is information within it that is centred around Dept User's facilities. Little or no previous knowledge is assumed, but hopefully some familiarity already exists with the very basics of manipulating Windows on PCs.

Shown below is the overview of this tutorial on the Internet. You can enter it at any point but it is probably better to progress through the documents in the order they are given.

If this is your first time on the tutorial, then start at the beginning by clicking here using the mouse.

Tutorial Overview