Re: nmr entry in PPS96 glossary

Murray-Rust Dr P (
Fri, 15 Mar 1996 13:17:54 +0000 (GMT)

On Fri, 15 Mar 1996, Kurt Giles wrote:

> > I'd suggest
> > that the curtors have a mechanism for the submission of new entries or
> > revision to old ones and that there is a beta-release of entries where
> > they are on dislpay for comment (maybe from outside the course as well)
> > before being accepted.
> >
> Yes Peter, good idea. This is probably actually better than having a separate
> mailing list for discussing entries. Where and (more importantly) how (i.e.
> Hyper-G or not) do you sugest these should be mounted?
> Kurt

I think you shouldn't worry about Hyper-G at present although it will
certainly be important soon. I expect that you will find a few people
like Christoph who wish to contribute new or revised entries and the
simplest thing is just to include these in your own revision lists 9and
acknowledge authorship). Then, when you are reasonably sure that you
have a good batch of material to add, post it and asks for comments.

Unfortunately 'no reply' doesn't mean approval! So I think you have to
have a mechanism where other people support it. I's suggest that at
least one consultant gives their approval to such a batch (because I
agree there was some rather dubious material last time). Don't do this
too frequently. let's say you have 300 terms, then batch them 50 at a
time and ask for comments. If you can keep related terms (conecpts)
together in one batch - e.g. the aminoacids - that would be great.


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