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Section 9- Tertiary Structure Part I

Kinemages relevant to Section 9

Kinemage 3 of the Protein Tourist 2 kinemage file, by Tom Alber and Jane Richardson, illustrates the GCN4 leucine zipper peptide

Some Kinemages accompanying Chapter 2 of the Branden and Tooze book deal with supersecondary structure motifs. The Kinemage for the whole of this chapter has been split up into smaller, more manageable Kinemages by Gail Schuman of Brookhaven Structural Biology.

More info on Kinemages on the PPS Technology page.

To best appreciate the material in this chapter, you should have your WWW browser configured to invoke RasMol as the helper application for chemical MIME type files.

This material includes some RasMol scripts, which may be copied directly into the RasMol command line from your browser window; alternatively download the script files and use the RasMol script command to execute them.

Help is available on Using RasMol Scripts in the Course Material

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