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Georg Fuellen (fuellen@dali.Mathematik.Uni-Bielefeld.DE)
Mon, 12 Feb 1996 22:25:23 +0100 (MET)

PeterMR wrote,

> On Thu, 1 Feb 1996, Georg Fuellen wrote:
> >
> > We're in the process of resurrecting the biocomputing glossary,
> > and one consultant has promised to improve our glossary entries
> > on Networking/Internet terms.
> > Stay tuned :-)
> >
> I'm strongly in favour of 'quite small' glossaries (e.g. 100-1000
> terms). Therefore in the case of PPS we have:
> protein structure terms
> proteins
> classification of protein structure (e.g. SCOP)
> we should concentrate on providing a *definitivee* glossary for the former
> (for cutting-edge research :-), a 'teaching' or 'introductory' glossary
> for the second, and leave the third to those who have already donw it :-)
> Similarly, I think that georg's group should split their glossary into a
> *definitive* one for biocomputing - what I saw looked very authoritative
> - and a 'introductory/teaching' one for networking.

I agree, and I hope that Dave Houldershaw can convert the
glossary on biocomputing terms to HyperG format really soon now.
(Raw entries are at

> We should not be frightened of lots of little glossaries - that's exactly
> how the VHG will work. Nor should we worry about overlap or omissions.
> Obviously what georg's group has in networking would be very useful to
> PPS as well! (I don't think we produced any computing terms??)

David Steffen's entries are currently at
and we hope to add URLs, etc, really soon.

> P.

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