Re: EGC-1 Papers and Posters - Publication

Murray-Rust Dr P (
Tue, 13 Feb 1996 17:55:06 +0000 (GMT)

Firstly congratulations on EGC-1 - I particulalry liked the idea
of the awards.

In case you were no longer on the mailing list, the hyperglossary
project is revitalised and Lesley, AlanM and I will be discussing it IRL
tomorrow. We have a critical mass (I believe) of enthusiasts and
Both EGC-1 and PMR were over-stretched last year and I am not
sure where the EGC glossary has got to. I think it would be extremely
valuable to create such a beast - there need not be a frantic rush.
The VHG has now got a much clearer idea of how to build a glossary
and this is currently being discussed on the (old) vsns-pps-glossary list
at BBK which we hope to rename sometime soon. There are two new curators
for the PPS2 glossary :-)
Note that the *content* of individual glossaries belongs to the creators
or other copyright owners - the VHG is only concerned with its
translation into VHG format and namespace.


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