Re: Hyper-G and MARTIF

Omer (
Mon, 05 Feb 1996 20:51:27 +0000

> Gerbert has had a look at the VHG home page and agrees that Hyper-G will
> be a good tool for supporting it. He has also offered to answer our
> questions (I hope he knows what he has agreed to!!) :-)
> Obviously we have a learning curve with Hyper-G , but Gerbert will be
> reading this list and no doubt will pick up on probelms. There is,
> however an FAQ , and a newsgroups and an article in Byte, so we should do
> a little reading first...
> .

The FAQ at is an excellent
starting point. I also recommend the Hyper-G Mailing List Archive at Finally, a
vibrant newsgroup can be found at comp.infosystems.hyperg.



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