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On Mon, 5 Feb 1996, Lesley West wrote:

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> I suggest you clean out anything not specifically related to protein
> structure, such as enzymes. You'll find the existing links already
> groups implicitly.
> Then start grouping and splitting. In my experience this is pretty
> contraversial as people fall into splitters or groupers thus leading

Well said , lesley. This is an area where everyone will have ideas an
there is no 'right' way of doing it. It's quite easy in such cases to
get into religious, or flame- wars :-) So we *must* remember that 'my'
view is not the only one, although it certainly deserves an airing.

> hours of discussion. In the end, pragmatism about how you search and
> your search tools must drive your groupings.

Yes. I hope that Hyper-G may help here. Let's assume that we have a
term that fits into 2 concepts (both of hierarchival nature). Examples
8could* be : enzymes and structural families. So TIM is an isomerae and
a TIM-barrel. (In that case we should produce them independetly and try
to crosslink)
> I'd like to introduce Alan Gilchrist ( to
> discussion, as an expert on thesaurus construction. Please be patient,
> as he is catching up with emails and subscribing to the list server
> today.

Alan - welcome! We are delighted to have your company. We feel we have
reached what we call 'virtual critical mass'. You'll find that we are
almost all novices at terminology (I only know what I do through going
to tampare in December :). BUT there is a lot of enthusiasm and a
vision which can - if we get it right - take off. I am particulalry
that the hyperglossary idea is self-reproducing - that people can take
and set up their own glossaries without hierarchical control. Whatever
happens it will be exciting and rewarding.


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