Re: questions

Steve Durbin (
Fri, 7 Apr 95 05:46:10 -0500

The consolidation of Brookhaven, pdb, etc makes sense to me, but I have a few

1) There could be a note at the top of the glossary index page alerting
readers to the search feature, and providing a link to it. I've been used to
just scanning the index list, and might not notice the term equivalent to one I
had in mind.

2) When I tried out the search feature, it turned up no entry for Brookhaven,
though I understood it should find any indexing term. Is this not fully
functional yet?

3) As to the content of the pdb definition: to me, pdb means a particular
file format as well as the archive itself. This should be noted in the
definition, probably with a link to

for the format description.