Re: questions

Lesley West (
Fri, 07 Apr 95 08:33:15 GMT


1) I have curated the Brookhaven, database, and databank glossary
entries into the one glossary entry (pdb). The pdb entry has index
terms including Brookhaven etc. This is a serious step as I have
deleted the Brookhave, database, and databank entries (something I'd
never do in an established glossary or dictionary). Does anyone have
comments or feedback about this? Peter, can we trace these terms
where automatic markup has been used?

2) In case you want to see exactly what is curated so far, check For those on pc's
with Netscape or related viewers, don't forget to reload html pages
else you view old versions. Can anyone advise me on the definition of

Value your feedback :-)
Lesley West