change of entries - electrospray

Lesley West (
Mon, 20 Mar 95 09:19:20 GMT


Your email has now got replies to all it's questions. However, the questions
and answers have got out of synch, so I'm summarising answers again:
> Non of this is really wrong, but it could be a bit more accurate:
I agree with Peter's reply of 16Mar, the original is OK for 3lines.
Although I will add 'or negative' to the description & update 'solution'.

> How should we proceed with suggestions for changes like this one?
> Is the listserv the right place to post them?

Peter is adding a field to the entry form. However, it does not harm to
air them on the listserver to ensure everyone understands the results!
> Besides, I would like to discuss with a chemist the

Contact the 3 chemists on ../glossary/areas.people.html (see my reply
of 19Mar95).

Lesley West for PPS glossary team.