Lesley West (
Sun, 19 Mar 95 21:38:13 GMT

Hi all,

ACHIM wrote he would like to discuss the existing chemistry entries with a
chemist . Peter commented:
> Yes. There are some entries which need curation. I think I can
> find some technical solutions. On the organisational side I think we
> have to form some small groups (did I post this already?) for chemistry,
> biology, etc to help the curators.

We have the basis of groups in ../glossary/areas.people.html. There are 3
chemists: Dilip, Alfonso and Artem. Perhaps Achim you progress the issues on
chemistry entries with these 3 chemists. Maybe meet in the BioMoo? Let us
(Stefan or I) know if you want curator(s) to be there too.

I suggest those on the areas.people.html have a concerted effort to
go through glossary entries, filling in voids and advising curators. Let's
see how far we can get over this next week. We'll see what progress we can
make by next Sunday, then see if we have to farm out void entries to groups.
Comments please :-)
Lesley West for PPS glossary team