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Murray-Rust Dr P (
Thu, 16 Mar 1995 15:55:36 +0000 (GMT)

On Wed, 15 Mar 1995, ACHIM TREUMANN wrote:

> Hello everybody,
> how is the current situation with discussing the change of
> existing entries in the glossary. One example of a file that
> positive potential and the resultant ions sampled by a mass
> spectrometer."
I asked my MS colleague to compopse something and to restrict it
to 3 lines :-). I'd stick by what he put...

> How should we proceed with suggestions for changes like this one?
> Is the listserv the right place to post them?
Probably not.

I'm working on this. It's a problem. I think the best thing is
for me to add a field to every entry where people can annotate entries.
(see the assignments/comments.html form). Then the curators could revise
entries at regular eintervals. I think it *has* to be on the form.
trouble is, it takes time. I'll try to do something tomorrow.

> Besides, I would like to discuss with a chemist the
> existing chemistry entries (acid, aldehyde, methyl, ethyl,
> propyl, butyl and quite a few others). IMHO they would also
> profit from some cosmetics :-)

Yes. There are some entries which need curation. I think I can
find some technical solutions. On the organisational side I think we
have to form some small groups (did I post this already?) for chemistry,
biology, etc to help the curators.


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