change of entries - electrospray

Wed, 15 Mar 1995 16:40:56 GMT

Hello everybody,

how is the current situation with discussing the change of
existing entries in the glossary. One example of a file that
could do with some editing is the 'electrospray' entry.

As it is now it sounds like that:

"A powerful wau of determining the molecular weights of proteins.
A solution of protein is psrayed through a needle at high
positive potential and the resultant ions sampled by a mass

Non of this is really wrong, but it could be a bit more accurate:

Electrospray is a mild ionisation procedure for mass
spectrometry that can be applied among others to biopolymers
(proteins). The sample in a solvent mixture is sprayed through
a needle at high positive or negative potential and the
resulting ions are sampled by a mass spectrometer. Using this
method the mass of proteins can be determined with very high

How should we proceed with suggestions for changes like this one?
Is the listserv the right place to post them?

Besides, I would like to discuss with a chemist the
existing chemistry entries (acid, aldehyde, methyl, ethyl,
propyl, butyl and quite a few others). IMHO they would also
profit from some cosmetics :-)

Looking forward to a discussion,


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