Re: Is it possible to add a tag to glossary items

Lesley West (
Mon, 20 Feb 95 19:30:33 GMT

On Mon, 20 Feb 1995, writes:

> Each entry (e.g. proteinstruct.phe) should contain a revision
> history - I think that would be best? This could be done automatically

Great! This is only needed for files, not which part of files.

> Please let me know any other changes NOW so that I can do them
> all at once. So far this is the only one I have in a mental todo list.
> I supppose I should have a real todo list :-(
> BTW I assume that the editing *.glo files is manageable, if not the
> greatest fun in the world?

Editing *.glo files is fine. Are all the tools listed in glossary FAQ 13
covered by the new *.glo files? Approve term is managed by transferring to
the 'accepted' class (although this will take some time for curators todo).
I think that leaves the unmark tool and this revision history tag todo. Is data dictionary in SGML on your todo list?

MANY thanks :-)
Lesley for the PPS glossary team