Automatically added glossary anchors not proper HTML?

Christoph Weber (
Wed, 22 Feb 95 22:07:48 +0100

Hi all,

I just marked up two of my documents by running them through the glossary's
markup script. Upon looking at the resulting files I noticed two things:

First, all lines in the input file are appended with a '^M', but not the
newly added lines at the top. This does not seem to cause trouble. Am right
in assuming that they mask the original HTML so that viewer will not choke on
multiple instances of, say, <HTML><BODY></BODY><HTML>?

Second, all anchors that are added have no quoted HREFs. E.g.
<a href=>ion</a>
instead of
<a href="">ion</a>

Netscape and presumably most other viewers will eat that, but Softquad's
Hotmetal HTML+ editor chokes on this and will not even open the file with the
'legacy DTD file'. Knowing Softquad's commitment to SGML which is a superset
of HTML, I wonder whether unquoted HREFs are not proper HTML.

In (the HTML 2.0 DTD)
I see
<A HREF="..."> Address of link destination
----- (underscores are mine)

Does anybody know more? And has anybody had similar hickups?


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