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Mon, 13 Feb 1995 12:08:53 +0000 (GMT)

On Mon, 13 Feb 1995, Alfonso J. Garcia Pineres mailed a helpful
message (about chirality)

PeterMR's view:

I think the problem is that 'chirality' is much too large a
concept to go in the glossary as it exists at present. Chirality is a
subject as large as, say, spacegroups in crystallography. Chirality also
contains a lot of specialist terms about which there is a lot of discussion.
After all, there are *books* about chirality.

So, what to do?

'Chirality' should occur as an entry since people need to know
what it is. But I suggest that the definition is short, and rather like:

'The description and classification of the optical and
geometrical properties of the handedness of molecules, giving rise to a
variety of types of isomerism.'

(This is not good - needs rewriting - but it shows the style)

I'd then suggest that people contributed their own fuller descriptions
and that these were referenced by URL.

There then needs to be a new section (which this mail has
prompted me to) called 'related terms'. These all need to have glossary



We *mustn't* try to write textbooks on each entry. Also, we must
be prepared to criticise each other - but gently. The formal release of
the glossary must be competent (and that why I would err on the side of

Look at MEDLINE/Entrez entries as an example. 3 lines MAX. They
don't always explain everything, but they give pointers. We shall do
better, but it requires pointers to other resources.


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