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Mon, 13 Feb 1995 12:19:06 +0000 (GMT)

On Mon, 13 Feb 1995, Lesley West wrote:

> > I think we have to subdivide this further, as in:
> > chemical.molform
> > chemical.molwt
> > chemical.smiles
> > chemical.2d
> > chemical.3d
> >
> > organism.latin
> > organism.english
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

My thinking is now something like:

/glossary/bio/organism.latin # current glossary implied
/glossary/comp/lang/tcl.llength # follows newsgroup namespace

> I wondered what organisms had to do with protein structure. In fact
> organisms probably relate to OTHER glossaries which maybe based on ours. The
> point here is further structure will help retreival and consistency. A note
> of caution though, we should try to keep glossaries simple. Any comment?

I think that we shall prepare proteinstruct as a *local*
dictionary for our own use. As we add terms it may fission, but we may
also create valuable external dictionaries. Therefore we might keep
organism in proteinstruct until there get to be too many when it will
form a separate one.

namespace is vital

> For example, protein structure needs uniqid, name, description, indexing

EVERYTHING needs these. they will all inherit this from the root
glossary definition. I think I have worked ou how to do this.

> As a curator, it's pretty frustrating not to edit the contents easily. I've
> had several emails asking me to edit files so I know you also want to edit
> contents. Do you have any suggestions for easy editing?

The *.glo* files *are* editable (with care) with a text editor.
The only additional thing I could do would be to build a form. I don't
have time for that, and in any case will try to move on to SGML.

BTW SGML files are as easy/difficult to edit as HTML. And the parser
will check that they are OK.


> > Lesley West for the PPS glossary team
> PS.Sorry I missed seeing you at the biomoo party! There was only one person
> around who wasn't asleep when I logged in :-(
I was working all day and evening - sorry


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