Re: BioMOO meetings for PPS Term 2

Christoph Weber (
Tue, 30 Apr 1996 11:28:04 -0700

On Apr 30, 3:26pm, Jacky Turner wrote:
> Subject: Re: BioMOO meetings for PPS Term 2
> Dear Ion Baianu,
> (1) NMR
> Many thanks indeed for agreeing to run a BioMOO session on NMR this
> term - I think the idea of asking students to download and study some
> material in advance is a very good one. I will wait to hear from
> you about possible dates and your PPS-accessible Web site. I think
> several of us (including Henry Brzeski from Strathclyde) will want to
> join in to learn something.

I'd like to throw in my 2 cts:

I will try to be at the NMR BioMOO session as a participant and try to answer
as much as possible.
Being new to MOO's and a slow typist, I'm quite happy that Ion took the lead.
My plan is to have some 'canned' material ready on the FAQ-type issues from
which I could paste into the live session.

I think it is a good idea to have students study some material in advance. That
way we can cover a bit more ground on-line.

Note that I have a page available at
which discusses the issue of why NMR structures come in bundles. (it's ok to
mirror this at Birbeck)
I can mount other people's NMR material, if there should be a need.


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