Re: BioMOO meetings for PPS Term 2

Henry Brzeski (
Tue, 30 Apr 1996 16:32:23 +0100

>1) H influenzae sequence:- Yes, please, can you suggest some dates and time
>that would be OK for you?

How about Tuesday 14th, Wednesday 15th, Thursday 16th May, Monday 20th,
Tiesday 21st or Thursday 23rd pm all available

>2) RasMol:- Also, yes, please. I believe John W is going to ask
>Roger Sayle if he'd be willing to join this meeting too and will keep you
>Could you suggest possible dates for this one as well?

I would feel wary of leading a MOO on this topic if Roger Sayle is there -
after all he wrote the program so I could hardly contribute anything to the

Possible dates are same as above for HI sequencing

>3) NMR:- Ion Baianu is going to lead this meeting - date not decided
> yet but I'll keep you informed.
>On Tue, 30 Apr 1996, Henry Brzeski wrote:
>> Jacky
>> I am prepared to help with the following
>> >(i) RasMol - Participate (or lead if no other volunteers)
>> >(iv) Structure determination by NMR - Participate (to learn !!!)
>> >(v) Sequence data Lead if this is H influenzae
>> Henry Brzeski
>It is always going to be difficult to get a time of day/night that suits
>everyone. We usually have meetings mid-pm UK time, since too early in the
>pm cuts out the US West Coast people, but too late in the pm is difficult
>for Europeans who connect from work and may have gone home by then. The
>Pacific is very difficult anyway and even worse now with daylight saving
>time here.
> Thanks, Jacky
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