Re: BioMOO meetings for PPS Term 2

Ion Baianu (
Mon, 29 Apr 1996 16:12:44 -0600

Dear Jacky:

Just noted your other announcement about Term2 BIOMOOS;

initially I thought that I can only help with the advanced topics
in PPS96. I notice from your list that I could also help with
some of the other topics, like Web authoring (HTML), and VRML,
from your list, as well as molecular dynamics aspects and
_MODELING PROTEIN INTERACTIONS_. The latter is our group's
Look forward to hearing again from you.

Ion C. Baianu

>Dear Consultants,
>Very many thanks to those of you who ran BioMOO meetings last term - they
>generated a lot of interest and activity that would not have happened
>without you!
>We want to set up a series of 'special topic' BioMOO meetings for this
>term too. John Walshaw will do a very introductory tutorial on use of
>databases (for which there seems much demand) next week and Raj Gill will
>do one on the Assignment 'discussion topics' the week after.
>We would very much welcome contributions from any of you who would be
>willing to run (or just come and contribute to) BioMOO meetings or
>tutorials this term.
>In the second feedback form for PPS96 students we asked what topics
>they would like to have BioMOO meetings on. This is the list, in
>decreasing order of demand:-
>(i) RasMol
>(ii) Mage, Prekin and Kinemages
>(iii) Protein Crystallography
> Use of databases
>(iv) Structure determination by NMR
>(v) Sequence data
>(vi) Web authoring
>(vii) Other multimedia formats, eg. Java, Chime, VRML
>(viii) Individual requests for:
> Protein families, especially immunoglobulins/antibodies
> Molecular modelling of protein interactions
> Molecular phylogenetics
> Introductory tutorials on all topics
>Please could you let me know if you would like to take on any of these,
>either in leader or participant mode.. If you tell me yes in principle,
>we can then work out a convenient date for you.
>Best wishes, Jacky