BioMOO meetings for PPS Term 2

Jacky Turner (
Mon, 29 Apr 1996 16:38:19 +0100 (BST)

Dear Consultants,

Very many thanks to those of you who ran BioMOO meetings last term - they
generated a lot of interest and activity that would not have happened
without you!

We want to set up a series of 'special topic' BioMOO meetings for this
term too. John Walshaw will do a very introductory tutorial on use of
databases (for which there seems much demand) next week and Raj Gill will
do one on the Assignment 'discussion topics' the week after.

We would very much welcome contributions from any of you who would be
willing to run (or just come and contribute to) BioMOO meetings or
tutorials this term.

In the second feedback form for PPS96 students we asked what topics
they would like to have BioMOO meetings on. This is the list, in
decreasing order of demand:-

(i) RasMol
(ii) Mage, Prekin and Kinemages
(iii) Protein Crystallography
Use of databases
(iv) Structure determination by NMR
(v) Sequence data
(vi) Web authoring
(vii) Other multimedia formats, eg. Java, Chime, VRML
(viii) Individual requests for:
Protein families, especially immunoglobulins/antibodies
Molecular modelling of protein interactions
Molecular phylogenetics
Introductory tutorials on all topics

Please could you let me know if you would like to take on any of these,
either in leader or participant mode.. If you tell me yes in principle,
we can then work out a convenient date for you.

Best wishes, Jacky