Re: suggestion

John Walshaw (
Fri, 15 Dec 1995 21:34:41 +0000 (GMT)

Thanks for the suggestions, Sophia. Firstly I agree we should try
and formalise the consultants' roles a bit more, bearing in mind that the
amount of time that each can spend on the course will vary quite a lot.
I suggest that those of you who feel you are able to regularly contribute
to the course either mail this list, or use the interactive form at
<a href=""></a>
to briefly describe :

the subject areas in which you have specialist
knowledge, or might be interested in learning more about
(you may wish to coordinate a discussion group on a particular topic)

how often you think you will be able to participate in BioMOO tutorials
- a number of you have already expressed an interest in acting as an
adviser for a student group; those of you who are new to 'MOO's, let us
know (via the pps96-technical list) and we'll answer your queries
- also what time-zones you will be prepared to operate in!

subjects about which you may wish to write/ may have written HTML
documents- on this point, we apologise for the delay in describing the
syllabus in more detail; the appropriate Web-pages and hypertree
structure are to appear imminently. We have the core course material, but
some of you may wish to focus more closely on particular topics.

We have already gratefully received some specific offers, e.g. Gail
Isherwood-Schuman of BNL has kindly offered help with "htmlizing" text,
and Iddo Friedberg of Hebrew University has offered technical
help with form-based quizzes (thanks!), as well as the offers of
unofficial group tutors.

On the subject of certificates, we do intend to issue one to all active
participants in the course, as was the case in the original PPS course.

I agree that it will be good for students to aim at publication-standard
projects, where appropriate; this could particularly apply to review
articles. Do you mean electronic journals as well as paper ones?


John W