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Sophia Kossida (
Sat, 16 Dec 1995 00:52:23 +0000

Dear Dr. John Walshaw,

thank you very much for the answer.

>Thanks for the suggestions, Sophia. Firstly I agree we should try
>and formalise the consultants' roles a bit more, bearing in mind that the
>amount of time that each can spend on the course will vary quite a lot.
>I suggest that those of you who feel you are able to regularly contribute
>to the course either mail this list,

I will be able to regularly contribute to the course.

or use the interactive form at
>to briefly describe :
>the subject areas in which you have specialist
>knowledge, or might be interested in learning more about
>(you may wish to coordinate a discussion group on a particular topic)

I'm a biologist doing just computer work for the moment. I would be
interested in coordinating a discussion group on a particular topic. I
would like though to know the topic in advance so I can prepare it. How are
we gonna organise ourselves though? Am I supposed to pick up a subject
myself or will I be assigned one? If the former is the case, I think there
should be a way of letting other people know in order to avoid
I wouldn't mind doing some computer programming in case it's needed or for
a project.
>how often you think you will be able to participate in BioMOO tutorials

Participate, I wouldn't mind spending an hour per day.
Giving a tutorial no more than once or twice per week.

>- a number of you have already expressed an interest in acting as an
>adviser for a student group;

Include me as well, please.

those of you who are new to 'MOO's,

I'm familiar with MOO. I know nothing about MOO programming though.

let us
>know (via the pps96-technical list) and we'll answer your queries
>- also what time-zones you will be prepared to operate in!
>subjects about which you may wish to write

It seems to me a really good idea that every tutorial gets transformed into
an HTML document. Students might want to go back, refresh their minds or
whatever. Students from another group might want to have a look as well. I
think that it would be beneficial if qustions asked from the students and
the answers given from the tutors were to be included as well. I'm willing
to do the HTML for the tutorials I'll be giving.

/ may have written HTML
>documents- on this point, we apologise for the delay in describing the
>syllabus in more detail; the appropriate Web-pages and hypertree
>structure are to appear imminently. We have the core course material, but
>some of you may wish to focus more closely on particular topics.
>We have already gratefully received some specific offers, e.g. Gail
>Isherwood-Schuman of BNL has kindly offered help with "htmlizing" text,
>and Iddo Friedberg of Hebrew University has offered technical
>help with form-based quizzes (thanks!), as well as the offers of
>unofficial group tutors.
>On the subject of certificates, we do intend to issue one to all active
>participants in the course, as was the case in the original PPS course.
>I agree that it will be good for students to aim at publication-standard
>projects, where appropriate; this could particularly apply to review
>articles. Do you mean electronic journals as well as paper ones?

Originally, I thought of papers but in case we can have both even better.
Kill two birds with one stone...
Something last: it seems to me that the 1st term as it's described does not
involve that much biology. What about if we could balance it a little bit?
I've got the impression that students coming from computer background might
find it a little bit boring, on the other hand students coming from biology
background or similar fields might struggle to find their way around at the
beginning. What do you think? Finaly, I think that's a good idea to have
students from different backgroundsd in all groups i.e. NOT all biologists
together, all computer scientists together.

Yours sincerely

>John W

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