SGI MIME RasMol sorted!! it was MY error!

Phil Cunningham (
Thu, 15 Feb 96 15:23:51 0000

As usual the machine was correct I had misread the (unstated) rules.

Net Netscape preferences were referring to my INdy, not the challenge server !

I didn't twig my sysman sorted it after a wee telephone call and the odd beard
tweak (my beard not his!)

Just a comment re 'virtual learning' I find personal contact MUCH more
versatile than email/bioMoo/ hyertext. Vast swathes of infomation can fly by
and their signigicance totally masked by the recipients lack of appreciation.

still I can now rasmol thru' netscape! mage is hot on my wanted list off to
bbk ftp site we go

Phil Cunningham

PS Mage IS available for UNIX despite a very pretty notice saying is is
NOT.... the notice is out of date ie wrong! This MUST be the single most
vunerable point to 'virtual reality' it lingers well past its read by date!