Local Files

Within the FTP application window, you will see two panes side by side. These show you which files you are currently working with/looking at. Usually - but not always ! - the pane on the left shows files on your local machine (ie the one you are sitting at). Thus the other, right-hand pane shows files on the remote machine (the one you have established an FTP connection to).

Your Current Path

This is displayed in the top left corner under the words Local Files in or Current Folder (for Mac).

Changing Your Drive

This can be achieved by clicking on the drop-down arrow adjacent to the box labelled Drives, then clicking on the drive of your choice within the drop-down list. Mac users: the appropriate option be be labelled or similar.

Controlling the Listing

On PCs, the local files that are listed are constrained by the what is declared in the box labelled File Name on the left side of the FTP window. A list of all files in the current directory is produced if the contents of the File Name box is the *.* wildcard. This is not present on the Mac !

Clicking on the List button adjacent to the File Name box will produce a listing subject to any new constraints.

The File List

Your local current directory's list of files is located in the box on the bottom left corner of the FTP window. Subdirectories (nested folders on the Mac) are denoted by the use of square brackets, therefore [name] is the name of a subdirectory (folder). You can move into a subdirectory by double clicking on its name. Double clicking on the [..] directory moves you into the parent directory (the parent folder on the Mac).
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