FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, and is the facility that allows sending or retrieving files to and from a remote machine. This module will cover some of the basics to get you started with using FTP.

Invoking FTP

FTP is traditionally invoked from a command line environment such as the DOS or UNIX prompts. However, it is also possible to work with FTP using a windowed interface such as that found in the Windows version of FTP and the Mac version of FTP ! Both are admitedly more user-friendly ! To run those programs you should double-click on the appropriate icon (typically labelled FTP or PC-NFS FTP on PC's or FTP or Fetch on the Mac).

This will give you an FTP window which has two or more panes side by side.

You may want to re-adjust the sizes of your windows to allow you to see the Mosaic/Netscape and FTP applications simultaneously (Windows users may wish to minimise their Program Manager window for easier viewing). Then go through the procedures on the next pages with the help of this tutorial.

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