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A project to develop and implement new technologies
that will enhance the study of recombinant proteins
in the post genomic era, entitled:

Microarrays to soluble proteins: exploitation of
expression profiling through high throughput protein
production at the BCSB

is currently in progress in this laboratory.
It is Funded by the BBSRC, to enhance the work of the
Bloomsbury Centre for Structural Biology.

BBSRC: the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council     BBSRC Exploiting Genomics Initiative     BBSRC Bloomsbury Centre for Structural Biology
The principal applicant is Dr Paul Driscoll in the
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
at University College London.

The research staff performing the duties of the grant are
Dr Loretto Puckey, Dr Stefanie Reich and Ms Caroline
Cheetham. The research is supervised by Dr Renos
Savva. The grant was co-written by, and the research
is executed in consultation with, Professor Laurence
at the Institute of Cancer Research.

Birkbeck College    University College London    The Institute of Cancer Research