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About E-mail Discussion Lists

Electronic mail (e-mail) discussion lists are a method of one to many communication.  Individuals (who are 'subscribed' to the list) can send an e-mail massage to the list, the e-mail message is then duplicated and sent to all of the other 'subscribed' members of the list.  The other members of the list can then, of course, respond in a similar manner.

For the PPS'97 course we have initially set up two e-mail discussion lists. They are called :- 

An e-mail discussion list for general enquiries on course material, organisation etc that may be of interest to other students, also for any new web resources that may of interest.
An e-mail discussion list for technical enquiries about the software / technology being used in the course, help on setting up various softwares that will be used, general advice on technical issues.

Students will be expected to subscribe to both of these lists.  Subscription will initially be done automatically by us.


If you wish to temporarily 'unsubscribe' (i.e. no longer receive messages from the list e.g. if your e-mail address is about to change) then you will have to inform the e-mail discussion list software.  This is done by e-mailing a message to listproc@mail.cryst.bbk.ac.uk  with the message, in the body of the e-mail :-

unsubscribe   <e-mail discussion list name>

for example

unsubscribe   pps97-general


Once you wish to receive e-mail from the discussion list again then you will have to 're-subscribe' to the list.  This is done by sending an e-mail to the e-mail discussion list software.  The message to send to listproc@mail.cryst.bbk.ac.uk in the body of the e-mail  is the following :-

subscribe <e-mail discussion list name> <your name>

for example

subscribe pps97-general  Joe Bloggs

In both cases above (unsubscribing and subscribing) you will receive conformation from the e-mail discussion list software.


Both of these lists will be automatically archived here at Birkbeck (i.e. all the messages sent to the lists will be stored).  These archives are converted to html and made available over the web.  The archives can be accessed using the following links :-

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