Submitting Your Project

All PPS97 projects should written in HTML (with appropriate images as necessary) and  submitted to us for mounting by the 18th October.

Before sending your project you should compress/compact your project files into one archive file before either 'attaching' it to an email or ftp'ing it to us.  The most popular way of doing this on PC's is to use pkzip (dos) / winzip (windows), for unix then you should first 'tar' your files and then either 'compress' or 'gzip' the tar file, and for Macs you can use 'StuffIt'.  Details about various compression software's can be found on the  The Cross-Platform Page: Encoding and Compression Formats Page.

There are a number of ways you can transfer your project to us, the two main ways used last year were :-

1)  E-mail (to - Your archive file should be "attached" to your email (i.e. not sent as the body of the file).  You'll have to look at your email program documentation to find out how to do it.  If your email program can not do email attachments (most modern email programs can) then either use ftp or let us know and we will find a way round the problem.

2)  FTP - If you have FTP  then this is the easiest way to transfer files to us :-
                    1) ftp to ,  user id:- anonymous , passwd :- <your email address>
                    2) cd /upload/pps97
                    3) set transfer to Binary (very important!)
                    4) put <archive file>
                    5) email me to let us know that you have done this and tell me the filename

If you have any difficulties then please let me know and I will do my best to sort out your problems.

Dave Houldershaw.
     PPS97 Tech. Coord.