Self-assessment Test for PPS students.

Subject: "Protein Tertiary Structure II"

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1) Which of these statements about 4-helix bundles is false ?
The four helices in a bundle are almost parallel to each other
Myohemerythretin and ferritin contain examples of this fold
The ligand binding site is always found at one end of the bundle
Four-helix bundles can never be formed from dimers of 2-helix subunits

2) In which of these DNA binding proteins is the DNA binding motif not an alpha helix?
the cro repressor
the met repressor
homeodomain proteins
transcription factors which contain the zinc finger motif

3) Which of these all-alpha proteins is also an integral membrane protein ?
Cytochrome B452

4)How many Greek key motifs are found in one molecule of gamma crystallin?

5) Which of these is not a member of the all-beta class of proteins?
retinol binding protein
influenza virus neuraminidase
immunoglobulin IgG

6) Which of these statements about the "jelly roll" fold is false?
It is an all-beta fold
It is found in influenza virus haemagglutinin
It can be formed by folding a long antiparallel beta hairpin
It always contains exactly eight strands

7) What is the Rossman fold?
A doubly wound alpha / beta structure containing a mixed beta sheet
A doubly wound alpha / beta structure containing a parallel beta sheet
A singly would alpha / beta structure
An all-beta fold

8) Which of these proteins contains a left-handed beta-alpha-beta motif ?
Lactate dehydrogenase
Triose phosphate isomerase

9) Which of these enzymes does not have the singly-wound alpha/beta topology?
Pyruvate kinase
Glycolate oxidase
Tryptophan synthetase

10) What is the main difference between the alpha / beta and alpha + beta classes of protein structure?
In alpha / beta proteins, the helices and strands alternate along the chain
In alpha + beta proteins, all the helices are found in one domain and all the strands in another domain
In alpha / beta proteins, there are always the same number of helices as strands
In alpha + beta proteins, all the helices are found in one chain and all the strands in another chain

11) What are the main ways in which very small protein structures are stabilised ?
Always by the formation of disulphide bridges
Always by interactions with cofactors or metal ions
Usually by disulphide bridge formation or interaction with metal ions
By exactly the same mechanisms as all other proteins

12) Which all-beta motif is found in the immunoglobulin domain ?
The "jelly roll" fold
The Greek key motif
The beta helix
The beta propeller

Questions by Clare Sansom, Birkbeck College
Quiz software by Iddo Freidberg, Hebrew University of Jerusalem