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  1. Seven main Email Discussion Lists

    have been established for the use of students, consulting students, and consultants participating in the VSNS-PPS Course. These are one of the main ways in which we will communicate with each other, on various matters relating to the Course.

    If you join a list you will be enabled to send messages (which all members will read), and you'll receive a copy of every message sent to the list by any member of it. The messages sent to each list will be automatically hyper-archived on an hourly basis into monthly archives, and may be browsed by anybody.

    These lists are named:-

  2. Joining A List

    To join any one of the lists, you should send an email message to


    with a blank subject header and
    in the body of the message put

    subscribe vsns-pps-technical Real Name

    substituting your real name and the appropriate list name, and nothing else.

    You will receive an email acknowledgement. Read it carefully

  3. Sending Messages to The List

    You may send email messages to a list of which you are a member (but only from the machine from which you subscribed) by simply sending them to, for instance

    vsns-pps-technical@www.cryst.bbk.ac.uk .. or, say

    vsns-pps-students@www.cryst.bbk.ac.uk .. or, say

    If you encounter problems e.g. with bounces, check with your local support first.

  4. Replying to Messages

    It is important to understand the distinction between the list itself, and the original sender of any particular message. SO when replying, you must consider whether want to broadcast your response to the whole membership of the list, or whether the reply is only for the originator. Keeping this in mind keeps reasonable limits on the list traffic.

  5. Leaving A List

    Getting you name removed from the membership of a list is simple, but you've probably forgotten by the time you want to do it. So refer back here.

    It's important NOT to send your unsubscribe message to every member of the list. They don't want to know.

    You should send a message to


    with a blank subject header and
    in the body of the message put

    unsubscribe vsns-pps-listname

    where you put in the appropriate list name.

  6. Suggesting Further Discussion Lists

    This can be done within the vsns-pps-general discussion list.

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