RasMol is a molecular viewer developed by Roger A Sayle and he has now added more info into this hyperlink.

On 5th.December Roger Sayle wrote :-
"I've just made a large number of changes to the software that I use to automatically generate documentation for RasMol. Previously the HTML form of the manual produced a single 76k HTML document which wasn't suitable for use to or from sites with slow links. However, the improved software consists of 118 or so much smaller HTML files with numerous links between them."

Roger has kindly sent us the latest documentation.

To get the software and install it you have to download it using ftp from one of the major archive sites and make sure you also get and read the README file.

Christoph Weber has set down his observations from a user's perspective of installing RasMol on a Silicon Graphics Workstation.

Here is where to get RasMol, but READ THIS FIRST!.

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21st.Feb '95