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Chemical Mime

You should arrange for your molecular viewers RasMol and MAGE to fire up automatically when you click on a molecular coordinate file from your browser. This technology is called chemical MIME (Multimedia Internet Mail Enclosures) here's another link to learn how to configure your browser. To test your configuration, try this pdb file for RasMol, and this link for MAGE.. For other viewers and applications, try this page and THIS ONE. There's also a discussion list on it.

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Added by: petermr on Wed Sep 21 08:26:36 GMT 1994 this is a test

Added by: petermr on Thu Oct 13 08:33:10 GMT 1994

Roger Sayle has already developed a HTML
manual page for Rasmol which could be added
as a hyperlink to

Added by: (Cornelius Krasel) on Su Nov 20 17:19:09 GMT 1994

Any reasonable chance that XKinemage will
be out for the course? :-)

Added by: (Cornelius Krasel) on Su Nov 20 17:42:07 GMT 1994