Course Modules

The course curriculum will emerge through discussions bewteen the consultants and very possibly some of the students. It will get modified as we progress and I hope that it will give rise to several different styles of learning. I think that it will be useful to work from the basic scheme shown here:

The details in this are only schematic. For the latest information see:

Ideally students should be familiar with the prerequisites before the start of the course. If you aren't it may be useful to find a real-life friend who can help you - this is almost essential for getting the technology going. We shall then work through the first half, with consultants available to help out on difficult bits.

The Technology stream is very much up to yourselves as to when and how you tackle it, but we shall set some objectives that you need to meet to support your work later. The Principles stream is more sequential and we shall not necessarily put all the material out at the start - so that the discussion is fairly coherent.

The Families and Function after the 'break' (which may not physically exist) will have different styles according to who has prepared the module. We'll probably try to take them in some sort of order, but it may be more like people staffing their posters with students visiting them (electronically). We'll find out...

The Self-paced Assessment will be an important part of the earlier parts of the course.

VSNS documents

the course description I prepared for the VSNS and the initial document I sent to consultants

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Sept 18 1994