Virtual School of Natural Sciences

The Virtual School of Natural Sciences is a school under the aegis of the GNA and has a member on its Council. The VSNS is actively formulating its policy for the courses that it will sponsor, and its guidelines for making the initial choice.

We have almost carte blanche in the subject matter, style, and motivation of the VSNS courses. You are welcome to read and discuss the guidelines we are draftin, so that I'll confine myself to why PPS fits well under the VSNS umbrella:

  • it's a multidisciplinary subject and Internet can be a better way of bringing disciplines together than conventional universities.
  • it will be the first multimedia course on the Net. Protein structure is particularly well suited to graphics and animation. PPS will promote the use of low-cost technology as a standard tool for high-quality education.
  • biology (especially molecular and structural biology) has shown how important the Internet is for scientific work and deserves to be among the pioneers in education.
  • there is a high degree of international collaboration in protein structural research, such as the use of synchrotrons and the development of databases.


    VSNS is not 'trying to go it alone' and is keen to collaborate with existing RL institutions, such as Birkbeck.

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    Sept 30 1994