List of Consultants

Dec.5 Alan has added a few more in, now that registration has opened. We have a few consultants who have offered to help, but are still not actively doing anything. If they want a task, please contact Alan at Please also let us know if any e-mail addresses are wrong.
Oct 22
We have been joined by a number of consultants since the course was announced and this list is incomplete. Alan Mills is trying to keeping the list up-to-date, but this is the people on the consultant's listserv, which is usually more up-to-date.
Oct 1
(Please inform me if there is incorrect information in here :-) Please also mail me URL's for those I don't have...

I sent out invitations to about 8-10 groups in the first week in Sept 1994 and got very positive replies almost immediately. This list will be amended regularly :-)

Some groups will provide several consultants and may also provide material which might be produced by people not on this list. Remember that all these people have many other commitments and are donating their time voluntarily to this course, so please be very courteous when contacting them. On the other hand, they are all happy to help bring people into the joys of 3-D protein structure.

Where possible I have given URLs for both people and their instutions. If you do not have a public URL, we can construct one here.

Protein structure and Bioinformatics groups

VSNS, GNA and other developers of technology

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Sept 18 1994