Bugs in VSNS-PPS

There are a number of bugs in the course (especially missing hyperlinks). These are not easy to track down and we'd be very grateful if you could leave a message here if you find anything wrong. (That goes for any science as well!!)

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pmr for pps
Sept 18 1994

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Added by: petermr on Wed Sep 21 08:26:36 GMT 1994

I have a LOT of errors where the URL has missed out the vsns-pps field (e.g.)
httpd: access to /work4/www/httpd/htdocs/modules/index.html failed

Added by: petermr on Oct 26 1994

Bug Report:

On page
link "GNA"
404 Not Found

The requested URL /vsns-pps/1 was not found on this server.

Fixed on Oct 30 - thanks very much Georg. (PeterMR)

On page

crappy formatting :-)

Added by: GeorgF@BioMOO on Thu Oct 27 10:50:36 GMT 1994

I have a very slow line in the evenings and cannot use a screen-based editor - sorry! (PeterMR)

(1) Malate dehydrogenase in citric acid cycle can be either mitochondrial or cytosolic. TCA cycle in inside mitochondrion, MDB structure is cytoplasmic form!
(2) on linking to MDH info at Geneva, the Geneva machine sent back "an invalid true-type font/character" ...

Format looks good .. can we sign up students just as observers on the system?? GF

Added by: mb1gf@sheffield on Thu Nov 3 17:14:09 GMT 1994

PeterMR: Thanks very much! Three points:

Dear PMR,

On your Latest Info page,
the link for What's New is F***ed.

Added by: Alan Mills on Wed Nov 9 22:15:50 GMT 1994

The home page address (http://seqnet.dl.ac.uk:8000/vsns-pps) immediately jams my PowerMac6100 running MacWeb. No problem with IBM system running Mosaic. I was able to enter thru back door ...vsns-pps/comments.html on the Mac with no proble. Thankls for keeping the back door open.

Added by: Steve Dahms sdahms@sciences.sdsu.edu on Mo Nov 28 23:05:30 GMT 1994

I can only sympathise, since I haven't any idea how to fix it.
Hints from others would be useful.
For example, should we remove the GIF at the top?
(BTW I expect to get a number of client-sensitive problems
like this. For example Mosaic often cannot display
a row of GIFs, and SG's X-windows gives
ludicrously small windows for fomrs which
is why this message is a disaster.
The form is LITERALLY 10 chars wide
whatever I put in the HTML

Peter MR 1 Dec 1994

Added by: PeterMR on Thu Dec 1 20:30:09 GMT 1994