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Roman A Laskowski, Malcolm W MacArthur, David K Smith, David T Jones, E Gail Hutchinson, A Louise Morris, David S Moss & Janet M Thornton

Checks the stereochemical quality of a known protein structure, producing a number of graphical plots analysing its overall and residue-by-residue geometry. Read the documentation to understand the plots. It takes a while to run, so be patient, and pray your browser doesn't time out. The result files will eventually be deleted, so don't bother with bookmarks for them.

Currently, this resource will only handle codes from the June'94 PDB release, so if your code of interest is not there, come back in a week or two, when we will be mirroring the PDB regularly as an Affiliated PDB Distributor site.


  1. Enter the 4-letter PDB code of the protein of interest, its chain ID (if required) and its resolution.
  2. Click on RUN to run the program.
  3. Click on Reset to enter new code.
  4. PDB code:

    Chain ID:


    This resource has been specially mounted for students on the VSNS-PPS Principles of Protein Structure Course. It is not intended for general use, unless someone wants to denote a machine for us to run it on. We are indebted to the UCL BSM group, and especially Roman Laskowski for setting it up.

    Mounted 21st.Apr'95