These pages are intended to be a guide to give interested people a flavour of the science taught in the "Principles of Protein Structure" course, and the innovative technology used to deliver it. Most of it is my own subjective idea of "the best" material on the course. It is not intended to be comprehensive and there is a lot of other great stuff around!

November '95:

Student registration is now under way for a new course on Principles of Protein Structure Using the Internet

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"Principles of Protein Structure" is an open-access, undergraduate level course in which all the material is provided over the Internet using the World Wide Web. It is part of the Virtual School of Natural Sciences of the Globewide Network Academy. It is mounted at Birkbeck College , London, UK and its co-directors are Professor Peter Murray-Rust and Dr. Alan Mills. It was run for the first time during January-June 1995 with over 250 students from many countries - including China, Brazil and Croatia.

We also offer some basic instructions for using the Internet and the World Wide Web.


The course is dedicated to Dorothy Hodgkin (1910-1994) - winner of the 1964 Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

Clare Sansom

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Leeds.


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