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Last updated 5th.September 1995

MRC Centre for Protein Engineering have mounted a set of pages related to the whole area of Protein Structure Prediction
Fred Grott's Home Page includes a structural analysis of ras-P21.
Sophie Clarke at York University, UK has produced a page on `Interfacial Activiation in triacylglyceride lipase' and other lipases.
Revised PDB Format Description
Iddo Friedberg has produced several pages on Bacteriorhodopsin which Christian Frosch has mounted. Good stuff.
SCOP Mirror at the Weizmann Institute, Israel
Cornelius and Ethan help you do Assignment 2 the easy way!
Handbook on Running a W3 Service. Recommended!
Educational Moos and MUDs
Chemical Applications of the WWW System
Mark Gerstein at Stanford is compiling a list of protein motions and wants more.
Prof.B.-Tracy Nixon at Penn.State Univ. contributes a whole section on intrinsic binding energies and energy of cooperativity of protein/DNA binding systems. Wow!
An Internet based GNA-VSNS Biocomputing Course is being planned under the stewardship of Georg Fuellen, Univ.Bielefeld, Germany
Artem Evdokimov is currently creating a metadocument about sugar chemistry and chirality/stereochemistry.

A form for those involved in the VSNS-PPS course to reveal their identity kindly organised for us by Gail Schuman at Brookhaven Structural Biology. And here's the List of VSNS-PPS people captured by the form.

URLs of VSNS-PPS Students and Consultants, gathered during registration

Stephan Spencer runs the Virology Server at Wisconsin-Madison, USA, and joins us as a consultant.
NetBiochem at Hahnemann University, has some valuable on-line learning materials, which we may adapt for our use.
Images of Standard Nucleotides and Watson-Crick Base Pairs
Several Stunning Molecular Animations from the Technical University of Darmstadt.
Amino Acids Overview by Sami Raza
Simon Brocklehurst's W3 PPS Development Area
Dave Stampf at points to some of Manuel Peitsch's beautiful images (gifs) they have mounted at Brookhaven.
Andrew Booth from Leeds points to some Molecular Animations
A movie from Joel Sussman, Richard Gilliland, and Daniel Ripoll, showing how substrate moves into the active site of AcetylCholinEsterase
Contributing student Stefan Sack's Home Page
A Primer on Molecular Genetics Dan Jacobson and Denise Casey at GDB.
PDBTool: Protein Structure Verification Toolkit
Protein Science - the journal of The Protein Society
The Levitt Lab Server
Structural Classification of Proteins
Pedro's Research Tools
NIH Molecular Modeling Server

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