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Dear Student,

I am pleased to inform you that your registration for the VSNS-PPS Course on The Principle of Protein Structure has been accepted.

We very much look forward to your active participation in the course which we expect to begin in about the third week of January 1995. Review again the preparatory remarks about `Commitment'.

This Course is an experimental collaboration between Birkbeck College, London, and the Virtual School of the Natural Sciences, and as with all experiments we don't know exactly how it's going to turn out. Whatever happens, you should have an interesting and exciting learning experience, as we have attracted many gifted individuals who are very knowledgeable in various aspects related to the Course material.

However, the work-load on the Course organisers is considerable, and any input that you can make together with other individuals connected with the Course will be very welcome. You should also have the opportunity of contacting, and possibly working with people in this discipline all over the planet. Keep watching the pages!

You are encouraged to register in BioMOO, and to join some of the email discussion listservs that we are presently setting up. There will be a large element of mutual self-help, and we as organisers are continually learning, too.

Many individuals are contributing to the Course material, and it's not all in place yet. We expect there will be hiccups! Bear with us.

Have a look at the Technology section, and if you may produce an hyper-article, have a look at our (still developing) `Style Guide'

If you get technical problems, join the vsns-pps-technical email list and post your problems there - someone's likely to respond with help.

Meanwhile, have a wonderful Holiday Season, and we look forward to a very exciting time in the coming New Year.

Wishing You and Yours all the Very Best,

Peace and Love,


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