Feedback form - March 1995

This form is ONLY for registered course members. We would be delighted to receive email ( from anyone else 'visiting' the course.

You should already have received a mail message asking you to fill in this form. Please use your PROTEIN code to identify yourself rather than your name or e-mail.

THIS FORM ASSUMES THAT YOU ARE STILL FOLLOWING THE COURSE EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT VERY ACTIVE. IT'S VITAL THAT YOU REPLY SO WE KNOW WHAT WE ARE DOING WELL AND WHAT BADLY. (NOTE: There are many other questions we could have asked but will save for later. If you have suggestions to make, please use the lists or the interactive pages).


IF you make a MISTAKE, just try again - it will overwrite, not duplicate

Your PROTEIN ID (e.g. 4INS):

1. Current level of activity (answer any number).

a. I read mail from the course
b. I browse the course material with a WWW browser.
c. I visit BioMOO.
d. I mail the course or use the forms to send comments
e. I communicate directly with other course members or participate in a group.
f. I prepare material for the course or help in other ways.
g. I download some/all of the material/technology for local use

2. Real life activities (Check any number)

a. I am part of a real-life group following the course.
b. I distribute course material to other people I know who are not on the course
c. I use course material in my teaching.
d. I discuss the course with my friends and colleagues

3. Can you use the technology to follow the course? (Check any number)

a. I can use WWW
b. I have a graphical browser
c. I can use forms
d. I can use RasMol
e. I can use Mage
f. I know how to send a message to a list
g. I can connect to BioMOO and use it

4. Current weekly activity on the course (very approximate) (Check ONE)

a. less than 2 hours/week
b. 2-5 hours/week
c. 5-10 hours/week
d. > 10 hours/week

5. Level of the course (Check ONE)

a. harder than I expected
b. as I expected
c. easier than I expected

6. Coverage of the course (Check any number)

a. Narrower than I expected
b. What I expected
c. Broader than I expected
d. Greater emphasis on technology than expected
e. Subject matter was different from expected

7. Please tell us if any of the following are SERIOUS problems (Check any number)

a. Hypertext is difficult to find my way around
b. I can't download the whole course
c. I can't print the course out
d. It's not like a normal textbook
e. I don't know precisely what I have to do each week.
f. Network delays (lags) make some/all of the course unusable
g. No one reacts to my problems or suggestions
h. The material is written by lots of different people
i. I spend all my effort on technology and not on the science
j. I get no feedback about how well *I* am doing.
k. I'd like to see all the material at the start of the course
l. The assignments demand too much work
m. The assignments are trivial

8. Speed of progress so far (Check ONE)

a. The course is going too fast
b. The speed is about right
c. The course is too slow

9. Do any of these prevent you contributing to the course?(check any number)

a. I cannot write HTML documents
b. I do not feel confident about contributing web pages
c. I do not feel confident about mailing the lists
d. I cannot use BioMOO , or feel frightened using it.

10. Course administration and support (check any number)

a. Is the course well supported for you?
b. Do you get too much material mailed to you?
c. Would you like more material mailed to you?

11. Please answer any of the following you feel applies!


a. it's a fun way of learning
b. I can do as much or as little as I please
c. I can join in when I like
d. the material is very well presented
e. the group activity is enjoyable
f. I make contact with new people
g. there's plenty of thought-provoking ideas and resources
h. the potential is tremendous, fascinating
i. I'm encouraged to be creative
j. I can learn from other people
k. new stuff seems to appear every day
l. the technology is so easy to use


m. it's too difficult to follow
n. it all takes too much time
o. the technology is awkward and difficult
p. the group activity is negligible
q. the material is badly presented
r. the organisation of the course is shambolic
s. one can never tell what's going on and where you are
t. the organizers are anonymous
u. I don't want to learn so publicly
v. the various aspects of the course are ill organised
w. it's all too remote
x. navigation is a nightmare
y. there's no personal feedback

12. Possible future developments (Check any number)

a. I'd like to use some of the material after the course has finished.
b. I'd like to see a repeat of the course fairly soon.
c. I'd like to see other similar course in bio/molecular sciences.
d. The organisers should rethink the whole approach before they plan new courses.
e. I'd like to have access to the material in alternative form
(CD-ROM, PostScript, etc)