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Material available elsewhere includes

Cell Biology Module at MIT;

A Dictionary of Cell Biology from Academic Press.

-Cellular Organisation Mark Dalton is helping with this area
distinguish prokaryotes and eukaryotes, nucleus, DNA, chromosomes, membrane(s), cytosol, ER, lumen of ER, Golgi, organelles, ribosomes, mention viruses(?)

-DNA and the Central Dogma of Life
Vineet Gupta

-Transcription Mary Ann Tuli helped here and more recently Henry Brzeski
DNA, Watson-Crick A:T, G:C, unwinding of double helix, RNA polymerase, U not T, template directed synthesis of ssRNA ->rRNA, tRNA, mRNA, introns/exons in eukaryotes, splicing (regulation, operons and promoters?)

-Translation Garry Myers and Ted Crusberg offered help here
ribosome, attachment to Shine-Dalgarno sequence, genetic code, start (Met) and stop codons, coding sequence = gene, tRNA-AA, growth of nascent AA-chain and folding up, mention chaperones

-Post-translational processing
distinguish ER-directed vs. cytoplasmic, signal peptide Ted Crusberg?, peptidase, foldases, glycosylation, myristoylation, oligomerisation, binding of co-factors, etc

-Transport Ted Crusberg offered help here
into ER, to Golgi, lysosomes & export, to and across membrane, exocytosis, nuclear targeting, pores and channels, binding proteins, periplasm, circulatory systems in higher organisms

-Degradation Keith Wilkinson and Beatrice Gorinsky have contributed here
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