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These enzymes cleave oligosaccharides by hydrolysis. Some examples:

A number of enzymes based on the alpha/beta barrel fold


Various species of fungi produce enzymes which hydrolyze cellulose. Trichoderma reesei produces two endoglucanases, endoglucanase I (EG1) and endoglucanase II (EGII) and two exoglucanases, cellobiohydrolase I (CBHI) and cellobiohydrolase II (CBHII). All four of these enzymes contain a highly homologous 36-residue region called the A domain (here is a picture from The Swiss-3DImage Collection), connected to the (enzymatically active) core domain by a threonine- and serine-rich linking sequence. The A domain has no catalytic activity in CBHI and CBHII but is thought to have a cellulose-binding function, as the core protein alone does not have full cellulose-hydrolyzing activity (but has normal activity on small synthetic substrates). In EGI and CBHI the A domain is at the C-terminus, while it is at the N-terminus in EGII and CBHII.

CBHI and CBHII produce cellobiose (a disaccharide). The substrate of CBHII requires at least three consecutive ß(1-4)-bonded glycosidic units for the enzyme to cleave a glycosidic bond. The proposed active site has four subsites (Rouvinen et al., 1990).

Two extensive loops (residues 172-189, 394-429) occur at the C-terminal end of the alpha/beta barrel, which form an enclosed tunnel approximately 20Å in length, in which the substrate is believed to be bound.
Here is a view down this tunnel (the loop residues mentioned above are coloured green) and a view down the axis of the alpha/beta barrel, in which the positions of some of the more important residues of the active site are coloured yellow. Examine the pdb structure file (C-alpha atoms only).

Alpha-amylase (Taka Amylase A)

pdb file diagram

Acid alpha-amylase

pdb file diagram


pdb file

Glycosidases with other folds

Pectate Lyase

pdb file diagram

Glucoamylase [check this- what fold is it?]

pdb file diagram


pdb file
refer to this section in the Chapter on Protein Folds


pdb file
diagram 1 diagram 2


pdb file
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Refer to the page on glycosidases in the Enzyme Structures Database at UCL, and also the glyosidases page of the Enzyme nomenclature database at ExPASy .


Here is the index to the Protein Science Kinemages on Glycosidases .

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