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Mar 10 1994 - PeterMR

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The third assignment was `~!@#$%^&*()_-+=\{[\}]:;"'<,>.?/|%5C (That was a test!)

Added by: Peter MR on Sat Mar 11 15:21:25 GMT 1995

We need an overview of phi-psi calculation to be included in the protein geometry section. What WWW sources can help with this? What other methods do you recommend?

Added by: Jeremy Bruce on Mo Mar 13 18:02:19 GMT 1995

Thanks very much Jeremy. I have mailed the lists about this. Please keep posting here!

Added by: PeterMR on Thu Mar 16 09:57:08 GMT 1995 mentions methionine as the source of methyl groups in the methylation of the methyl-accepting chemotaxis proteins. The actual donor is S-adenosylmethionine, in which the methyl group has been activated for transfer at the expense of ATP. Met + ATP --> S-adenosylmethionine + Pi + PPi

Added by: on Sat Mar 18 15:14:20 GMT 1995

For anyone having problems with protein structure and on a Mac, Molview will produce Ramchandran plots and plota will give rest of the secondary structural calcs. I know plota is not well developed but so far it is the best free program I have found.

Added by: FRED-G on Mo Apr 3 00:54:50 BST 1995

Is the program PROCHECK, mentioned in Assignment 4, available over the net?

Added by: Steve Durbin 1HC1 on Tue Apr 4 17:52:11 BST 1995

I am slowly mastering the technology (eg finding rooms in BioMOO, finding the sources of data). As such I still have bits of assignments 1, 2 and 3 to finish off. However, the learning process is very worthwhile, both from the protein structure poit-of-view as well as finding the capabilities of the WWW. Hope to catch up soon.

Added by: on Wed Apr 5 06:50:55 BST 1995

I am still in. I just wish that my group was a bit more active. Other thatn that I lke the course and hope it will continue the way it did so far

Added by: Przemko Tylzanowski on Wed Apr 12 17:55:18 BST 1995