This preliminary assignment was included as part of the email sent out on 30th.January'95 to everyone on the course.


During the first 2 weeks, we'd like you to explore the biological Internet as we've already suggested in a previous mail. USE YOUR GROUP TO GIVE YOU ADVICE IF YOU RUN INTO PROBLEMS. :-) You will need to get expert at getting information from the database and using tools. If you find a very difficult problem but manage to solve it, perhaps you'd like to write a short answer for the FAQ. E.g. "When I download a PDB file through my browser, RasMol is not spawned" "Have you got a .mailcap file? Does it contain the line ... , etc".

Weeks 1 and 2



Make sure you can:

Desirable skills (they will be essential later!)

  • create a simple HTML file.
  • create a picture using a paint package (xpaint, etc)
  • add a term to the practice area in the hyperglossary



    The first 2 weeks will be chaotic. DON'T WORRY IF AFTER A WEEK YOU THINK IT'S A DISASTER. It won't be. Electronic collaboration takes time and things will settle down.