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Kinemage (sic) is a (protein) display and viewing language developed by David Richardson.

More information is available on both Prekin and Mage., put together on the web for us by Jane Richardson and Gail Schuman.

At David Richardson's ftp site, get

or try the Protein Science ftp server

Now at Birkbeck's anonymous ftp site, in directory /dist/pps96/

There are also several demonstration and example kinemages(*.kin files).

There is also a directory containing the Kinemages provided as a supplement to Branden & Tooze, and we have specific permission from the publishers Garland to use these for the PPS Course. There's also several `Protein Tourist' kinemages here.

If you have difficulty, try grabbing them from this directory.

Len Banaszak of University of Minnesota has also offered some problem sets using the Kinemage software.

Protein Science provides much information on their use of Mage and Kinemages, including How to Configure Your Browser to enable Use of the MAGE Viewer, and access (subject to Copyright) to all the Kinemages used in the Protein Science Journal.

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Last updated 12th Feb '95