On the top-right is shown the val3 mutant with the valine coloured green and in ball-and-stick form.

On the top-left is shown the wild-type ile3 with the isoleucine coloured green, except for the delta carbon (which is coloured blue), also in ball-and-stick form.

On the left is shown the same wild-type structure with the delta carbon of the threonine space-filling.

Notice the cavity left behind when the delta carbon of ile3 is deleted. Ball-and-stick form has been used for clarity because the delta carbon is almost completely buried.

Click here for the pdb of the wild-type structure: [Bbk|BNL|ExP|Waw|Hal] and here for the mutant: [Bbk|BNL|ExP|Waw|Hal].


The Hydrophobic Effect

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