RE: 'Spin' command on RasMol
Mon, 29 Jan 1996 11:54:37 EST

Hi Iddo,

The "spin" command is in RasMenu, yet a *third* program
apart from the two RasMol Windows incarnations RasMol2.5
and RAsMol2.6. With RasMol2.5(6) one optimally has up two
windows: screen/menu bar window and cursor window. With
RasMenu, aim for a third: a VisualBasic-like Menu bar with
a one-line cursor (in fact, you *could* do without the
aforementioned cursor window then). All are ftp-able
from the exact URL isn't at hand this moment,
and I'll send it later if needed.

In fact, I'd been working with RasMol for a while, as a viewer,
before I realized that getting the cursor window necessitated
getting down to the desktop, beneath both program manager and
the RasMol the screen/menu bar! I'm not as windows literate
as I wish I were, but/and wonder whether that "realization"
was an accomplishment for anyone else! :-)

For a week or so, I've been using the program with all three
screens. What a glorious 486-empowering tool! I have not
yet sent my thanks to Roger Sayle. He dserves many.

It seems to me that writing a Windows macro and including it as my
RASMOL.INI file so that the program comes up ready to fully
exploit would be worthwhile. Hmm. Then I have to write my first
macro real soon now.

Incidentally, thanks for your *excellent* help on MOO/MUDs!
Will you be at the Guanine MOO/MUD meeting tomorrow?


John Reissner Pembroke State University Pembroke NC 28372 USA vox: (910)521-6425 fax: (910)521-6649