PPS '96

Principles of Protein Structure

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PPS96 Student Projects: protein structure, function and dynamics

List of PPS96 Project Titles

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  1. Electron microscopy as a structural determination technique :
    Matt Ellis.

  2. Prospects for molecular dynamics in the study of protein folding :
    Jose Zaldivar-Comenges.

  3. Classes of membrane proteins :
    Salvador Sala

  4. DNA and RNA polymerases:
    Peter Slickers

  5. Structural/functional roles of aromatic residues in transmembrane domains of membrane proteins :
    Ken Xian and Ingeborg Schmidt-Krey


  1. Electrostatics in DNA-Peptide complexes, with reference to structure :
    Montse Soler
    (Advisor: Leonor Cruzeiro-Hansson)

  2. Protein-xenon complexes :
    Franco Zanini
    (Advisor: Pete Dunten)

  3. Prion diseases and genetic susceptibility to infection :
    Graham Jackson
    (Advisor: Clare Sansom)

  4. Method of solution of a protein structure by X-ray crystallography :
    Rob Kehoe

  5. Restriction enzyme-DNA interactions with reference to sequence recognition :
    Luca Olivi
    (Advisors: Jim Pitts and Vineet Gupta)

  6. Non-heme Iron containing Proteins:
    Steve Tate

  7. Disulphides in protein stability :
    Kate Denton

  8. Using Secondary Structure Prediction for Comparing Homologous Hunchback Zinc-Finger

    Karl Schmid

  9. Structure Determination of Proteins with NMR Spectroscopy:
    Horst-Joachim Schirra

  10. Mutations/amino acid composition variation (provisional) :
    Humberto Rosa


  1. Structure-function of general replicases :
    Peter Olds
    (Advisor: Terry Walsh)

  2. Mobility in crystal structures, with reference to X-ray scattering :
    John Reissner
    (Advisor: David Moss)

  3. Packaging of DNA by Sperm Nuclear Basic Proteins:
    Lilian Soon
    (Advisor: Clare Sansom)

  4. Sequence and structural comparisons of snake venom proteins :
    John Swann
    (PPS advisor: Terry Walsh)

  5. The Transglutaminase Family - the relationship between enzyme structure and activation :
    Andrew Robertson
    (Advisor: Will Pitt)

  6. 4-helical bundle structures (cytokines); with reference to amino acid composition and connecting loop regions :
    Kingman Ng

  7. Conformational changes in proteins :
    Chee M Vun

  8. Phosphorylation
    Gayle K Schulte

  9. The role of proline in proteins
    Tom Pauly

  10. The roles of metals in proteins: with special reference to muscle proteins
    Qian Xiao
    (Advisors: Terry Walsh, Marjorie Harding and Gail Schuman)

  11. Prediction of Protein Secondary Structure :
    Catherine O'Malley

  12. The Soure of Stability in Proteins :
    Tony Day
    (Advisors: Marjorie Harding and Terry Walsh)

  13. DNA Binding Proteins - DNA Cleavage
    Marcus Hastie


  1. "Cystine Knot" motifs in proteins :
    Lesley Maclachlan

  2. DNA-protein binding; with special reference to amino acid/base interactions in the trp repressor/operator complex :
    Andy Jennings
    (Advisor: Henry Brzeski)

  3. Protein folding with reference to amino-acid composition variation between classes of protein folds :
    Giovanni Capranico

  4. Classes of Membrane Proteins:
    Jostein Aaserud

  5. tRNA bound bacterial elongation factor in EF-Tu molecule:
    Salim Mottagui-Tabar

  6. Protein Structure of Lignin Peroxidases
    Vanessa  Siew Kuan Wee

  7. How to define hydrogen bonds
    Jens J Loesel

  8. Structure and Function of Green Fluorescent Protein
    Silke Jonda


  1. Roles of metals ions in proteins :
    Luis Candeias

  2. Viral proteins :
    Cristina Cantale
    (Advisor: Sophia Kossida)

  3. The photocycle of bacteriorhodopsin and some mutants:
    Agnes Hotz-Wagenblatt
    (Advisor: Iddo Friedberg)

  4. Classes of membrane proteins
    Pierre Hubert

  5. Overview about computer-based methods and tools for secondary structure prediction.
    Ekard Burger

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